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A top talent and model Agency dedicated to provide the finest DJ’s, Dancers, Bands and Models from around the world.

One of the high end top talent agency in the South East Asian region, we at Empire Entertainment Agency recognize the importance of providing quality and top notch talent that fully meets the needs and requirement of all our esteem clients. We have a responsibility to up hold the talent agency industry in high regard and provide a duty of care to those who come to us for making their projects/events a success.

At Empire Entertainment Agency, we particularly specialize in nurturing and offering our clients talent that is both unique, professional and it is a guaranteed success for different projects. To us, this is more than just a job, it is our passion to enjoy what we do in order to make our clients fully satisfied.

Empire Entertainment is mainly categorized into four groups: DJ’s, Dancers, Bands, and Models. Everyone of the individuals that make up the talent is unquestionably amazing and we take upon ourselves to weigh out each of their strengths to help you make the right choice that will successfully complement your project.

Our DJ’s

If you are in the market for high-quality professional DJ’s to feature on your club or events, we at Empire Entertainment have just the right option for you. Our DJ’s are continuously touring around the world and are highly experienced in the club scene giving the crowd an amazing vibe.

Our Dancers

At Empire Entertainment, we offer bright talented dancers who are involved in the artistic medium sharing the stage with different pop stars in the dancing scene. All of our dancers have been carefully selected based on their experience and dance workshops to ensure that they provide the best choreography and excellent shows. Our dancers are from different races and regions to suit customized client needs.

Our Bands

As you know, you can’t download a live band musical experience. Hence at Empire Entertainment, we offer bands that can take your experience to a higher level.

Our Models

Whatever type of model you are looking for, we have got them. Our diversity of talents is one of our strengths, with signature and versatile looks, physics and presence that we are sure you will love. Our models are highly professional, reliable and experienced. To meet every client’s specific needs, our models have authentic natural talents that are easy to work with. At Empire Entertainment we vouch for their unwavering productivity.


Our mission is to provide the best services that we can to surpass the expectations of all our clients. We ensure you that we hold our talents to a level of professionalism at all times. Empire Entertainment Agency have an eye for talent and are always on the lookout for fresh and unique talents in order to satisfy client’s specific needs. Our team aims for diversifying the scope of services that we can offer you.


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